Oral and Video History Program

The Palisade Historical Society has an active oral and video history program. We record digital videos of people and are including written summaries of those who share memories of Palisade, their lives, and family stories. The written summaries of these interviews and written memories are below.

If you know someone who is interested in participating in our program, please contact us.

Also, we are grateful to the Marie Tipping Archives at the Museums of Western Colorado for sharing notes and transcriptions of Mesa County Oral Histories which were conducted in the 1970s and 1980s. Our summaries of several Palisade residents are listed below, organized by the Mesa County Oral History Project number. The Museum and the Mesa County Library are working on transferring the original cassette tapes to mp3 audio and putting them on the Library’s Oral History Project on its website.

Shirley Rowley Craig Maurer

Ed Maurer

Bill Beckwith

Bill Floryancic

Lucille Hampton Floryancic

Merrilyn Kay Decker Simpkins

Barney and Ruth Davis

Geraldine Malatche Burdick

John Hickman

Gordon Stewart

Nancy Maurer Taylor

Art and Kathy Wells Keswick

Albert Merlino

Keith Clinton

Dorothy Carver Hines

Lyman Wallace

Ida McKay Shrum

Jack Webb

Thelma Rose Pahler Hays

Dorothy Vernon Moss Green

Barbara Bikki

Mary Aspinall White

Wilma Kerr

John and Doris Butler

Maxine Lundgren Clark Allen

Ann Merlino Mendicelli

Steve Johnson Memories

Mesa County Oral Histories of Palisade residents:

MC #43 Marion Bowman 

MC #48 -1 and MC #48 – 2 Levi Clark

MC #92 Helen Maher Bowman

MC #279 Eugene F. Rowley

MC #295 Lee Toothaker

MC #298, #349-1 and 349-2 Virgil Hickman

MC #447 Bill Lorenzen

MC #526 1- 4 Ann Reese Stokes

MC #739 Max Sisson

MC #748 Lorin Anderson

MC #770 Annie Goffredi

MC #794 George Bunte Jr