Historic Guided Walking Tours

Take a Guided Walking Tour of downtown Palisade. Call (970) 464-2177 to make an appointment for your group or family. A donation of $5.00 per adult is suggested.
We offer different, hour+-long tours. “An Hour with Colonel Bower” highlights this Palisade Pioneer’s life and what Palisade was like along 3rd Street from the Post Office to Bower Avenue.¬† Another tour features the Town’s Center and focuses on businesses and homes near the Plaza at 3rd and Main Streets. “Fire and Brimstone” is the longest route – about 4,000 steps, taking in the area surrounding downtown. Highlights of this tour are sites of major fires, including packing sheds, the hotel, and the cannery, plus seven churches, two former depots, one of Wayne Aspinall’s homes, the 4th Street bridge, and more. A tour of Riverbend Park¬† features the site of the Civilian Conservation Corp. Camp built for workers in 1935 and later housed German Prisoners of War, and more than a mile to the west, the Migrant Labor Camp where 200 cabins housed seasonal workers and their families during harvests from 1941-1961.

Downtown Guided Walking Tour Routes













Tour 2 – “An hour with Colonel Bower” Dave Cecuga as early Palisade settler, “Colonel Bower”Blue dotted line

Tour 3“Town Center”Green dotted line

Tour 4“Fire and Brimstone”Black dotted line

Tour 5 – “Riverbend Park” (not shown on map) follow directional signs on highway 6 and 24 south of Palisade